To Tell The Truth: Hiring… on Purpose

Do You Remember the old game show “To Tell The Truth?”

This long-runTTTTning game show featured challengers who were introduced and all  claimed to be the central character. Celebrity panelists conducted a Q&A and then  had to choose who they thought was actually telling the truth and was the real  central character.

 When it comes to finding the next best team member for your practice, you too will  face multiple candidates who claim to be the ‘real thing.’

Let’s spend some time talking about how you can navigate these tricky waters and improve your chances for success. In this webinar, we’ll review laws, recommendations and follow actual candidates through the selection process.

Hiring may be more art than science… but there’s so much you can do to tip the odds of making a good hire in your favor. Please join me Tuesday, December 2, 2014 at 5:00 Pacific & 8:00 Eastern for an interactive webinar, Hiring… on Purpose!

You will learn:

  • To add rigor to your hiring process to improve the odds you hire right – the first time
  • How to separate the best interviewers from the best candidates – this is huge!
  • Gain confidence as an interviewer as we review actual questions & answers from real dental practice interviews
  • Protect your practice and yourself by understanding the legalities that exist in the hiring process
  • You’ll see if you can indeed “pick the winner.”

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Help Make It Right

Fly Eagles Fly

Offensive Coordinator Pat Shurmur was talking long & reflectively about young quarterbacks & learning curves… Not their learning curves… His.  “your quarterback needs to know that you believe in him. That no matter what is happening out there, you’re going to Help Make It Right.” 

Your team is counting on you to believe in them. In my experience most dental team members will live up to your expectations. While most doctors would prefer to focus on patient care and avoid the team drama,  you’ll find that you & your team will be happier and more effective if you take the lead. Instead of blaming, judging, or resigning yourself to the status quo… start helping.  Don’t think you have the time? You’re already spending time putting out fires that never should have gotten started. This approach will actually save you time as well as stomach lining. It’s easier than you think: How to Manage People Well Without Becoming A Therapist

The team is counting on your leadership. Here’s to a new season full of hope for you & your team. #flyeaglesfly


Prior To The Hire

Here is an excerpt from my article Prior To The Hire from The Progressive Dentist Magazine.

There are 6 common biases that create bad hires. Let’s take a closer look to see if you can recognize these behaviors in yourself or your hiring process:

  • Stereotyping: forming a generalized opinion about how people will think, act, or respond, i.e.:  Judging applicants by their physical characteristics such as hair color, body type, or gender, for example, thinking men wouldn’t do well working in the front office or being the only male member of a team.
  • Inconsistent Questions:  Asking different questions of different applicants, i.e.: if you’re not grading on responses to the same questions, how can you truly make comparisons? You must be able to do some quantitative analysis.
  • First Impression Error: Allowing a snap judgment to cloud the entire interview, i.e.: thinking poorly of an applicant because of the school they attended or because you don’t like their fashion sense.
  • Halo / Horn Effect: Allowing one strong or weak point to overshadow everything else, i.e.: learning that an applicant is from your hometown or school or conversely, has a tattoo or piercing visible. Often this occurs based on an answer to one question that is different than you expected.
  • Contrast Effect: Believing good candidates who interview right after weak candidates are stronger by comparison than they truly are. Let’s face it, after a few disappointing interviews, it’s easy for an average applicant to make a big impression.
  • Cultural Noise: Failure to recognize when an applicant is being politically correct and/or telling you what you want to hear rather than the actual truth.  Don’t take answers at face value, dig deeper. One of the best replies to a first response is simply “tell me more.” Get very comfortable with a silent pause… give the applicant time to think and chances are you will gain valuable insight. Also be certain to keep your eyes on the candidate as they answer your questions, otherwise you risk missing the visual, the body language clues that they are making things up as they go along.

The full text of article is available for a limited time at along with full access to the current issue of this leading subscription-based magazine about the business of dentistry.

How to Hire Right … The First Time

Hire Right Studies show that most managers make a hiring decision within 10 minutes of meeting a candidate and spend the rest of their time gathering information to support that decision. As a result, managers often hire people that interview well, look good on paper and can talk the talk. Those positive initial impressions don’t always prove reliable once it’s time to actually walk the walk and you can end up wondering “Who are you and what have you done with the person I interviewed just a few short weeks ago.”

My team rocks! We’re not wasting valuable time in the search, we now quickly identify those candidates who both qualify and have the right motivation to be a member of my outstanding team. Ginny Hegarty’s process and assessments shine a light on so many of the details that I have missed when hiring in the past. Since using Ginny’s system we have been picking winners!” Dr. Keith Ogawa, Oregon

Did you know that 30% of new hires start looking for their next job after just 30 days? Or that 46% of new hires will fail within the first eighteen months? Turnover is expensive and will set you and your team back while chipping away at team morale too.

Your people are your practice’s best competitive advantage and that reality is truer today in the current economic environment than ever before.  Realizing just how critical talent acquisition is to your practice success, it’s time to raise the bar on the recruitment process and implement a system and process that supports both the practice and team success.

If you’re ready to hire right…and on purpose... the first time, we should talk. I can offer hiring support that ranges  from a hiring eBook to full on support of the hiring process. My hiring eBook The Hiring Process Simplified  gives you a step by step process to follow along with interview guides that will have you feeling totally confident and able to conduct excellent interviews right out of the gate. Hiring assessments are also available that provide insight into your candidate’s behavioral style, emotional intelligence and core competencies such as reliability, dependability, and work ethic.

Love it! Ginny Hegarty’s system really makes sense, gives us great direction and saves us so much time. I believe it helps us attract the best applicants and gives us much deeper insight, so we choose candidates that truly fit with our practice culture and philosophy.“ Dr. Clint Esler, Texas