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Teamwork to grow your practice

After more than 25 years in dentistry, I know that while many doctors may say they want to ‘just do the dentistry,’ the most successful doctors really want the whole experience. They want to be just as passionate about their practice as they are about their dentistry… they just don’t know how to bridge the gap between the two. That’s exactly where I come in.

my signature program

practice renewal workshop

The Practice Renewal Workshop is a “this changes everything” experience that includes practice observation, a team workshop and 30-days of support with you and your team. We’ll discover your best opportunities, build on your strengths and scratch your biggest itch, while creating a success plan.


This is how team members feel after the PRW:

  • Energized
  • Hopeful
  • Excited
  • Empowered
  • Proud
  • Refreshed

  • Happy
  • Encouraged
  • Confident
  • Capable
  • Optimistic
  • Relieved

This is how doctors feel about the PRW experience:

This was so much more than I had even hoped for, it was so much better than I imagined it could be!”

“Ginny took our team with many different personalities, approaches and backgrounds and helped us open everything up and dive in to take a closer look at the communication problems we were having. She empowered us, got us moving in the right direction and we had fun doing it.”

Platinum Level Consulting

Exclusive opportunity for PRW Alumni

Our Platinum Level Consulting Program focus is 3-fold:


creative problem solving with practice leaders as well as clinical and administrative teams


introducing new, innovative ways of thinking and leading the practice to new growth


creating perpetuating results as well as individual accountability for results

Traditionally, practice management is about having the right systems in place in all the key results areas of the practice. When results are disappointing, the response is to focus again on training and systems. Lather – Rinse – Repeat … and so the cycle begins.

Systems alone do not achieve great results ~ people do! Many exceptionally written standard operating procedure manuals are resting on the shelf gathering dust for just that reason. I believe this lack of shared focus explains why some dental practices are having their best year ever, while others are falling behind.

It makes good business sense to spend some quality time as a team, setting and adjusting your strategic plan to stay agile, productive and profitable.

I work with doctors and practices that are already successful and want a higher level of contribution, impact and profitability. As your accountability partner, I focus on what we can control and what we can achieve together for you, your team and your practice.

“With Ginny, we saw an increase in positive energy and communication. We serve our patients and each other better. Plus, we saw a 17% increase in profitability! Working with Ginny is a no-brainer.”

Dr. John Rothchild

Durango, CO

“Ginny is a master communicator and her refreshingly positive approach to coaching my team has invigorated my practice, my team and my bottom-line.”

Dr. Emmanuel Ngoh

Augusta Endodontic Center

“When we first met, I was thinking you were going to be the same as other consultants who disappointed me and I didn’t really trust you’d be different. I want to tell you that now that I see what you have done in my practice, you have earned my trust.”

Dr. Emilio Arguello

Altura Periodontics

“Ginny can help you reach your practice goals & your professional goals. I couldn’t feel like I’ve been in a better place in the past 7 years that I’ve been a practice owner. When you cast a vision and your team digs in and believes in it, that’s when the magic happens, and that’s a blessing.”

Dr. Ford Gatgens

Accent Smile Center

PIVOT Leadership academy

Group Online Coaching Program

This exclusive group support program will help you:
Rediscover your joy in dentistry
Look forward to going to the office again
Create team harmony, positivity and fun
Your team steps up and plays a bigger game
Pop the stress bubble that keeping you up at night
Gain confidence your key systems & protocols are in working order