Have you ever walked by your front office, heard the sound of laughter and wondered how much work was getting done? I’ve had doctors and clinical team members tell me from time to time “it sounds like they’re having way too much fun up there.” That fun may be what sets your practice apart and will result in loyal patients who are raving fans… and I have the proof.

Valmont Research recently completed a patient survey for one of my consulting clients. This group practice was interesting in learning about how their patients rated their experiences in each department of the practice. The survey produced extremely valuable information about how patients perceive the sights and sounds of the practice and how to improve the overall experience. Seeing the practice through your patients’ eyes is an invaluable gift for you and your team. Greg Drevenstedt and the team at Valmont make the process easy for you.

One very positive response we received was how much the patients loved the warmth and friendliness of the front office team. Specific comments included various versions of “keep up the fun in the front office.” Walt Disney’s philosophy of building success by treating visitors like guests in your home continues to ring true.