I loved this definition of humor – it’s the shortest distance between two people! Isn’t that the truth? My recent trip to San Antonio for The Academy of Dental Management Consultant’s Annual Meeting proved to me once again that there’s no humor like southern humor. My taxi driver, Judy entertained me with her tales of the advice she offered one stressed out rider earlier in the day “Honey, I’m fixing to tell you what to do. I’m not gonna shut up and I’m not gonna give up.” You gotta love that kind of spirit. Judy is also the owner of the taxi service and I’ll be looking for her company when I return to San Antonio.

My Southwest Airlines flight home also offered some memorable humor. “In the event of a change in cabin pressure, oxygen masks will drop from above you. Please insert $2 for the first two minutes and .25 for each additional minute. For now, we’re going to dim the overhead lights so you’ll fall asleep, leave us alone and insure we all have a pleasant flight.” It’s no accident that we did have a pleasant flight; the flight attendants made sure of it.

Humor works when it’s authentic. Too often team members think that they can’t be themselves and be “professional” at the same time. Debunk this myth right away and give your team the permission and the guidance to allow each team member to offer his or her very best to your patients.