I left home at 6:00 am for an on-site visit with a client today and at nearly 6:00 pm I’m about 30 minutes from home and hungry. I see a Chick-fil-A up ahead and decide to stop. If you check my post in mid-January you’ll read about the commitment that this company has to fine service and exceeding expectations. I figured I’d get dinner and also see if my great experience in January was a fluke. The wait in the drive-through line was longer than I expected and I was beginning to think that even the best intentions don’t always translate into great performance. As I reached the window to pay, I was greeted with an apology for the longer than usual wait and given a courtesy card for a free meal at my next visit. Wow! They exceeded my expectations once again. I think this company is real deal.

The take away for your dental practice: Customers / patients don’t expect you to be perfect every time – but they do expect you to be aware and to care. Service recovery strategies can save the day. Is your team empowered to turn your patients into raving fans?