I’ll bet we’ve all had the experience of having a customer service representative ask “May I assist you with anything?” and I’d venture a guess that most of us respond “No, thank you, I’m just looking.” So, one more time… how does a company set itself apart from the rest and truly engage customers? … by engaging it’s own employees! Cole Haan is my newest shinning example of a company providing exceptional service.

My fellow consultants and speakers will understand my quest for a comfortable pair of shoes that will take me through a full day on my feet followed by a run through airports. I visited a local Cole Haan store this past weekend and after the usual exchange, the sales rep went on to share with me that she personally tries on every pair of shoes that come into the store so she can offer her personal recommendations to shoppers. This woman was amazing. She guided me to a seriously comfortable pair of shoes, and when they didn’t have the color/size I wanted, she had them shipped to my home at no additional cost. Biggest Take Away: It was so obvious that she REALLY enjoyed helping me. Genuine Enthusiasm is an unbeatable competitive advantage. -Ginny Hegarty