We’ve always been told, “plan for the future”, but there’s a mantra that I like even better, “there’s no time like the present”.  This idea is reinforced in this month’s issue of T&D, in an article by Warren Wilhelm of the Global Consulting Alliance.

Wilhelm notes that by focusing on the challenges and opportunities that your practice has today you can be both more competitive and more resilient in robust and tough times.  Working on the present will provide you with instant feedback on your decisions, rather than simply relying on projections or waiting for the unknown to occur.  He is quick to note that learning for the future cannot be left behind, as it surely important to look ahead and be prepared for what may come, but he argues that one cannot be prepared for the future without being aware of the present.

Wilhelm goes on to extol the virtue of team based learning, saying that teams often do a far better job generating ideas than one person working on his or her own. Biggest take away: Focus internally, focus on the opportunities, focus on what you can control.