Heard a fabulous lecture today by Art Jackson, President of Eagles Nest Performance Management, Inc. at the annual SHRM conference in Las Vegas. Art started off strong explaining we have great leadership examples all around us, but he feels one of the best leaders ever was Dorothy Gale.

Miss Gale:
1- found the synergies and dependencies between the organization’s needs and the individuals’ needs.
2- She developed and implemented a strategic plan, making course correctly where needed.

You might be wondering who Dorothy Gale is… here are some clues based on her successful leadership:
She did it with: 1) one person with low self-esteem, 2) another who was emotionally disengaged 3) someone who was risk-adverse 4) a little black dog that was no help at all and 4) a narcissistic witch on her tail the whole way….down that Yellow Brick Road!

Next time I watch the Wizard of Oz, I’ll be looking at it from a human resources perspective. Very provocative and inspirational presentation Art!

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