Don't Just Roll the Dice!

With employee related lawsuits continuing to rise at an alarming rate, it is critical to shine a spotlight on your responsibilities as an employer and get your HR house in order.  Lawsuits are often more about perception than the truth. Commit to a proactive approach to HR compliance, rather than a reactive one and you will not only protect your practice assets, you’ll enjoy a practice that runs much more smoothly, effectively and happily.

1.  Policy &Procedures Manual:

Practical: Management framework for your practice spelling out how you run your practice. A much-appreciated guide for the team to prevents misunderstandings.

Legal Protection: When done well, comprehensively and kept current, it is your best defense of your positions and your good faith attempt to stay on top of your legal responsibilities to your employees. Guided by an HR Professional, you will be aware of all state and federal requirements and your policies and procedures will be compliant. Don’t take chances copying someone else’s manual; the rules change according to number of employees, your state and your type of business.