Team Bonus Systems Will Not Drive Your Practice Success

Third Prize is "You're Fired!"

If I had a dollar for every dentist and dental team member who has rationalized disappointing performance as a byproduct of the state of the economy over the past few years, I would be writing this column from my favorite beach in Maui!  Now as much as spending time on a beach in Maui would be wonderful, I would truly much rather put an end to the myth that we are victims of circumstances and success is beyond our control.  So much time, energy, opportunity and joy are wasted in this mindset. There is a better way, read about it in my latest article in The Progressive Dentist Magazine

An iconic example of using sales incentives and punishments to ignite results can be seen in the 1992 film Glen Gary Glen Ross. Rolling Stone described the film as “a brilliant dark comedy that doesn’t just dazzle, it stings.”  The incredible cast included Al Pacino, Jack Lemon, Kevin Spacey, Ed Harris and Alec Baldwin. I can attest that the story and the acting were compelling enough to reel me in; but I still vividly remember being exhausted and feeling like I had been beaten up after watching this movie. You may recall Alec Baldwin, the film’s “alpha dog motivational sales person” announcing “We are adding a little something to this month’s sales contest: First prize is a Cadillac Eldorado, Second Prize is a set of steak knives and Third Prize is “you’re fired!”  Those are some sharp sticks that eventually had the sales force resort to criminal behavior as they marched to the beat of “A-B-C – Always-Be-Closing”.

The average workplace has evolved since 1992 and most businesses have adopted a kinder, gentler approach to motivating the team. Unfortunately, most still focus on the extrinsic reward such as team bonus systems rather than tapping into intrinsic and most teams still underachieve. If you’re frustrated by the results your team bonus systems have achieved, take a deeper dive into this subject in my article from The Progressive Dentist Magazine and consider brining me into your practice to engage your team in a strategic planning process that will ignite a unstoppable passion and bottom line success.

Connect & Inspire Patients To Be Your Raving Fans!

Ginny Hegarty at Smile Reminder / Solution Reach Headquarters

Create Raving Fans!

I’ve just spent a couple of days at the Smile Reminder corporate office in Utah taking a deep dive into the power of the Smile Reminder program. The team and culture at Smile Reminder, lead by Jim Higgins is an amazing inspiration and example of the power of passion and purpose at work, so it’s no surprise that the Smile Reminder software is game-changer for the dental practice. The SR program is so powerfully elegant and the support is so deep that, as a dental consultant, I simply can’t imagine practicing without it.  From message delivery services to sophisticated email marketing campaigns, patient reactivation and proactive social media strategies, SR has raised the bar setting a new standard of excellence in patient communication.I was most impressed by the customer success representatives (CSR) and their commitment to their clients. We all know that nothing happens until the team engages with your resources and ultimately your patients. Your practice CSR at Smile Reminder proactively reaches out to your team to roll up their sleeves and create your practice video, email and newsletter messages inspiring your patients to be Raving Fans!