10. Say, “Thank you” and mean it! People love to be appreciated and they really love when you mention the little things they do that make a difference. You might even keep some “Kudos” chocolate bars on hand to give out with your thank yous. Remember to praise your team in front of patients too.

9. Remember their special days. Everyone appreciates it when her birthday or anniversary is remembered and celebrated.

8. Gather co-workers together for a special bonding sing-a-long of a light rendition of “You Light Up My Life” or “We Are The Champions”, etc. Lead the team yourself – It’s just plain fun!

7. Bring the team together and choose “Your Song” or “Your Cheer” that you can use for two-minute pep rallies and office celebrations.

6. Public Praise is Great: Have a surprise break in honor of a team member or the entire team. Bring in bagels or fruit or brownies and have a 10-minute celebration.

5. Put up a Bravo Board so everyone can praise each other. Office Magic has recommended this for years and it works! You and the team members can write and post notes of praise for coworkers. Once a month put all the notes in a basket and choose one to win a special prize.

4. Volunteer to do a team member’s least favorite task once a month. The team will love seeing you pitch in and you can milk it for all the attention you can get.

3. Surprise a team member or department and have their cars washed! Who doesn’t love a clean car?

2. Dinner’s on you. Give a deserving team member a certificate for one take-out dinner for their family on you. Have them choose a day and select from a list of restaurants. and you’ll pick up the tab. They can pick up dinner on the way home and have a relaxing evening with their family.

1. Give out Freedom Cards. It’s hard to give days off, so give an hour or two off with pay to recognize top performance. One week’s notice should be required to redeem the card.

*Some of these ideas are taken from The 24-Carrot Manager by Adrian Gostick and Chester Elton.