It’s the quintessential comfort food – most everyone loves macaroni and cheese. Did you know there is even a website The website suggests that even if it clogs your arteries, the blood can flow through the little macaroni tubes! Too funny. What’s Mac & cheese got to do with this Blog? It’s an example of how we love our comfort foods … our comfort zones… how we love to protect the status quo.

Doctors, your employees want strong leadership from you. Last week I spent two days leading a group practice to break through their comfort zones and their uncomfortable zones. One sign of great practice leadership is to provide a forum for constructive group discussion. It takes courage to tear down barriers to team work but the rewards are great. By the second day the business staff, hygienists and assistants were all working together to build new treatment protocols and create solutions. Mid-day I noticed a sign had been posted on the wall saying ”We love working for you” and the team had signed it.

Even Mac & cheese has changed through the years from my mother’s one cheese style to four cheeses, sun dried tomato and even lobster Mac & cheese. The possibilities are out there for you to imagine and create for yourselves. Don’t settle for the status quo… treat yourself and your team to something better.