I first read this quote in Pat Croce’s book I Feel Great and You Will Too. Pat Croce is the former owner of the Philadelphia 76ers and an internationally regarded motivational speaker. Mr. Croce was talking about creating opportunities and realizing your dreams when he shared that a family member told him if he never had the courage to ask then he’d never know what could have been. I’m going to turn the tables on this interpretation and suggest that as business owners, you will never know what your employees’ true potential is unless you clearly define what you would like their contribution to be. Your team members need and deserve clearly defined responsibilities and accountabilities if they are to reach their potential. While job descriptions may seem mundane and boring at first glance, they are one of your most powerful communication tools. I can tell you that in most every practice I visit the high performers on the team are asking for detailed job descriptions. These high performers want the opportunity to meet and exceed your expectations. If you don’t ask… you’ll never know and you’ll never enjoy the rewards.