I hear you! You read the last post about Zappo’s and said core values, more fluff, more distraction, more meetings, more talk of soft skills, No thank you! CAN I PLEASE JUST DO DENTISTRY?

The reality is that you’ll be doing more dentistry – and more of the dentistry you love – if you can get your staff to work together like a world-class team to provide the five-star service that creates raving fans for your practice. Fans who wouldn’t dream of going elsewhere for their dental care.

According to the Gallop Organization, these raving fans will have a 40% less attrition rate and spend 67% more over time than customers who are simply “satisfied” with the care and service they receive. Ritz-Carlton, Zappo’s and Chick-fil-A have embraced this notion that people like to be treated exceptionally well and they will favor businesses that make them feel special.

If you think establishing core values, a practice philosophy of care and service and developing great working relationships is sounding better, give us a call. Our one-day workshop will bring out the very best in your team members and be the catalyst for positive growth and change for the practice. Ginny@GinnyHegarty.com / 610-873-8404