Testimonials: Speaking, Consulting & HR Support

Small Changes ~ Big Rewards: Breakthrough Communication Success
Rocky Mountain Dental Convention - 2015

“I enjoyed meeting you at the convention and can tell you that your audience did as well. I reviewed thousands of personal evaluation forms from the meeting and can say that yours were among the most positive that we received.

Favorable comments included; "liked her style, enjoyable, knows her stuff, good speaker, implement immediately, amazing, great". There were no suggestions for modifications. Once again, thank you for sharing your time and expertise with us. We hope that we can enjoy your talents again in the future.

You have my permission to share this testimonial, as I am sure that my fellow chairs in this overwhelming task will be quite pleased to hear of a speaker on who they can count to make their meeting a success.”

~ Dr. Michael Scheidt
Chair2015 Rocky Mountain Dental Convention

Destin SpringBreak Seminar 2014
Breakthrough Communication Success

“Fun class! - Kelly Perry Kept audience awake & interested! – Ebony Burns One of the best and most useful courses I’ve experienced at a dental conference, great job! Ginny is informative & engaging, lots of nuggets to implement immediately – Kat Kadler Learned so much! Great Speaker! Very thought-provoking, great presentation! New point of view on so many things! This presentation was fantastic! The speaker was organized, prepared, professional, engaging and offered some great information to promote effective communication. Awesome ? Enjoyed her! Great information presented in an entertaining fashion! This speaker was excellent! I’m walking away with great notes & more enthusiasm-Paula”

Breakthrough Communication Success
Team Training Session May 2014

“Thank you for a fantastic course. The feedback has been awesome!”

~ Kevin Gladstone
National Accounts Manager
Dentsply North America

Breakthrough Communication Success
Pennsylvania Academy of Pediatric Dentistry Annual Session 2014

“I am so glad you were a part of our program! We have received so much great feedback!”

~ Dr. Angel Stout
Pennsylvania Academy of Pediatric Dentistry

"Ginny, you nailed it! I was so excited to get this eBook. The Hiring Process Simplified eBook is by far the best hiring system I've ever seen & I've used hiring systems from some of the biggest consulting firms in dentistry. This is a must-have resource for every dental practice."

Linda S. Petrillo
Business Administrator
Lehigh Valley Smile Designs

"I have had a lot of practice management experience, both as the coach and the client. I have had some really, really good practice management consultants, but no one with the depth and the insight of Ginny Hegarty. Ginny works with a team for the benefit of both the owner doctor andthe entire team, which can be very difficult to do. The team loves her - she is so much more engaged and in tune than anyone else. To say that I am impressed with her work is such an understatement, I am completely blown away."

Dr. Steffany L. Mohan
Plaza Dental Group
Des Moines, Iowa

“Ginny is truly a servant leader. She is focused, inspirational and keeps her word. During her term membership grew to the highest ever, meeting attendance sky rocketed, visibility in the organization dramatically improved, and sponsorship increased. Thank you Ginny, job well done.”

Sept 2014 via LinkedIn Melinda Heryford Elston
Practice Management Consultant

“I've worked closely with Ginny over the past two years both in her role as President of ADMC and with several mutual clients. Not only does she display a high level of commitment, she has a unique ability to inspire those she works with.

Peers and clients alike enjoy her positive attitude and ability to make a difference. Ginny is an outstanding leader!”

June 2014 via LinkedIn Linda Harvey, MS, LHRM, DFASHRM
Healthcare Risk Management

“I had the opportunity to work with Ginny as a board member of The Academy of Dental Management Consultants while Ginny was President. Ginny is intelligent, positive, motivating and most important, an elegant communicator and leader.

I highly recommend her for corporate or healthcare practices interested in leadership guidance.”

May 2012 via LinkedIn Rita Zamora
Social Media Marketing Expert

“Ginny Hegarty is an engaging and knowledgeable speaker about Communications Issues, Workplace Compliance & Team Development for the Dental Practice. I give her my highest recommendation as the person to hire to help develop your practice or speak at your meeting or event.”

Dec 2012 via LinkedIn Dr. Wes Blakeslee
AGD Podcast Host

“Ginny's audiences and clients keep giving her rave reviews. I have been a dental consultant and speaker for 25 years and our industry has always had some excellent mentors that I strove to emulate. Recently Ginny Hegarty's name keeps coming up again and again as the person to hire for Practice Management coaching and speaking.

I attended a 3-hour course of hers recently on Team Building and she had the audience and myself nodding along. I took notes and learned a great deal. I highly recommend Ginny as both a speaker and as a consultant. She is the new president of the Academy of Dental Management Consultants and her strong leadership skills have already had a very positive effect. This woman is a hard worker and driven to provide quality results.”

Dec 2012 via LinkedIn Janice Hurley
Image Expert – Optimal Perception

“I certainly had heard about Ginny prior to working closely with her at the 2011 AADOM conference, but so many times what you hear and what is reality can be very different. Not in this case, Ginny is a totally Awesome resource and speaker! She came to our HR Breakout Session so totally prepared! She was professional, she was fun, she was real life, she was informative and she is genuine! Our attendees were like sponges soaking up all of the terrific information that Ginny provided. I cannot wait to work with her again, she is a must have at every event where Practice Leadership & Employee Engagement are on the agenda!”

Kim McQueen,
Marketing Manager,
Patterson Office Supplies

“During the past year, when many are bemoaning an economic slowdown, we managed 14% growth in production and 21% in hygiene. We have worked with Ginny since 2006, and Ginny has helped us hire and develop our new manager, develop our administrative team, and helped us create clinical and marketing systems that have produced these results. Ginny has a keen eye for analyzing practice data with her monitors that identify where your purpose and focus must be.”

"The best team building we've done - most effective and honest team dynamic, communication we have seen."

~Dr. Bill Linger Charlotte, NC

“Ginny was amazing. She presented and implemented a lot of great stuff, but for me the biggest impact was when she pointed out to the team how they were not scheduling me efficiently. With her coaching, I am able to work one day less and produce more in 3 days than I was previously in 4 days.”

~Dr. Michael Barton, Lebanon, PA

“Our relationship has had a major impact on me. Your assessment hit the nail on the head. All the stuff I knew about and couldn’t admit, and everything I never even saw. You have helped me immensely and given me good direction. I definitely see improvement from where we were just 3 months ago – it’s night and day!”

~Dr. Steven R. Goldberg, Augusta, GA

“We hired Ginny to do Practice Analysis and Staff Development and she was superb at focusing on our Practice Strengths and on areas we needed to develop to a higher level. Ginny is the consummate professional, as well as a caring and personable up-beat motivator. She also has great expertise in staff relations, office systems analysis, and implementation of strategic monitors for office production, quality care measurement, and staff performance.”

~Dr. Simon Rosenberg, New York, NY

“Practice Management Consultant doesn't define Ginny Hegarty very well because you can't paint her with a single stroke. Leadership Coach, Key Team Member, Admin Expert, HR Guru, Productivity Wizard…, and I could go on. A master communicator and motivator, I rely on Ginny to help my clients in their dental practice in ways I cannot. She's a guardian angel for the dental office and a trusted partner to my firm.”

~Steve Steinbrunner, Four Quadrants Advisory

"Ginny Hegarty is consistently a big hit with the team program at LVI. Her high-energy presentations on motivation, communication and performance get the teams fired up as they learn practical strategies to make a difference in their practices. Ginny's passion for what she does is contagious and the feedback on her presentations is fantastic."

~Sherry Blair, Las Vegas, NV

"Ginny Hegarty helped us put together our employee manual, which was much better than the "tribal knowledge" that we had used before. Team members really want consistency and clarity, and having things written down is very comforting for all, including me!  Highly recommended.  It can be a minefield out there in terms of employment law, so it's a good idea to have experts in your corner. Prevention!!!"

~Dr. John Highsmith, NC

"I have used Ginny Hegarty for my human resource needs.  I have to say that I was so impressed with how knowledgeable and on top of things she is!  It made my life so easy to just cut through to what is absolutely necessary and put these things in her hands.  I am definitely more comfortable and confident in knowing that my t’s are crossed and my I’s are dotted.  My office is in compliance and it was a much easier and friendly process than I had imagined. If you have any need for her services, I wouldn’t recommend anyone else! "


~Dr. Kathleen Carson, CA

"Ginny has solved a lot of gray areas in our practice.  I finally feel like we can focus on dentistry.  Ginny and Bent  Erickson have been very helpful every time I have any questions about HR issues.  I would recommend them highly."

~Dr. Joel Smith, TX

“Ginny’s Practice Renewal System took us step-by-step through a process that got my team focused not just on today and tomorrow, but on longer term goals. This can be hard for staff, but Ginny’s process leads them into it and gave each person a voice. By giving the staff a voice in the office, I’m getting more done, and the patient is the ultimate beneficiary.”

~ Dr. Tim Goodheart, Raytown, Missouri

“Production is up 35% and collection is up 31% since working with Ginny.”

~Dr. Allan Goins, North Vernon, IN

“You make things happen, and for that, I am forever appreciative. I’m amazed at your ability not only to see the “big picture” of what needs to be done, but by the way you’re able to gain the confidence and respect of so many different types of people. You’re at your best when you’re problem solving, creating solutions, and organizing an orderly plan to implement new ideas.”

~Dr. Rich DeForno, Thorndale, PA

“Just a couple of weeks since Ginny’s visit and the stress is reduced, the schedule is more productive, the phones are ringing, and the team’s on board.”

~Dr. Alex Meyer, Chattanooga, TN

“I can tell you from experience that the stress, emotionally and financially, is horrible when you have trouble with an employee! I called Ginny Hegarty and we are now completely compliant with the laws of the land. I think it all took about an hour and a half of my time. What a great investment.”

~Dr. April Ziegele, Sumner, WA

"I would like to encourage any practice to update your HR department using Ginny Hegarty and Bent Erickson Assoc. The laws change quickly in the personnel field and our duties to employees, and our responsibilities as employers are difficult to understand. I highly recommend Ginny Hegarty. Check her out. She is well worth the small investment to gain a lot of peace of mind.”

~Dr. David Miller Roseville, California

“Here's another endorsement for Ginny and Bent Erickson and Assoc. Please use them for your HR materials and processes. They will save you so much time and money getting things moving and getting the best team members on the bus. I certainly did not have time or knowledge to update and keep current with ever changing employment law. We are now finishing performance reviews with all the team and the guides and systems provided have made it a positive experience for everyone.”

~Dr. Ed Reeves Lorton, Virginia

“Ginny Hegarty has been wonderful for our office in giving us guidance for employee issues.”

~Dr. Chris Stanosheck, Omaha, NE

"Ginny Hegarty and her team helped me get compliant with my human resource needs and when I had some follow-up questions Bent Ericksen helped me. The investment was well worth it."

~Dr. Faryl Hart, Richmond, VA

“These guys connect the dots and help to create that understanding that allows everyone to know and play by the rules. I can't stress enough how important a solid conversation with Ginny Hegarty can be for you!

~Dr. Mark Duncan, Las Vegas, NV

“This puts everyone on the same page. The ones who don't want to follow it, just leave. I totally love it and the team appreciates this manual also.”

~Dr. Tim Kelly, Worthington, MN

“I totally endorse Ginny’s program. For the first time there is some logic to the way we bring the right people on the bus. Far too often the wrong people are brought in for the wrong reasons and this leads to a constant revolving door which is detrimental to effective and efficient practice dynamics.”

~Dr. Sam Kherani, Las Vegas, NV



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