Meet Ginny Hegarty

A dental check-up at the age of sixteen proved to be a very lucky event in Ginny Hegarty’s life. It was during this visit that Ginny’s dentist asked if she’d like to work for him after school. For three hours a day and Saturday mornings, Ginny greeted, seated, assisted, handled the administrative aspects of the patient’s visit, cleaned the treatment room, set up for the next procedure and as the only employee there, then began the process all over again…while also answering the phones! The best way to sum it all up: Ginny spent the next couple of years falling in love with dentistry.

Upon returning from college, Ginny once again found herself drawn to dentistry. She has since worked as a patient care coordinator, financial and treatment coordinator, hygiene coordinator, office manager and practice administrator, in addition to her work in sales and software systems integration.

Now, with over 25 years of experience in dentistry, certification as a Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) and an extensive background as a speaker, write and consultant, Ginny Hegarty is internationally recognized as a leader in dentistry and uniquely qualified to assists dentists in practice management and team development.  Her expertise in leadership, accountability, communication and employee engagement will enable you to cut through the drama and build a solid team that will support sustainable, bottom-line success.

Ginny is the Founder and President of Dental Practice Development, Inc. which provides practice and team development services to dentistry since 1997and proudly serves as the current President of The Academy of Dental Management Consultants.

Ginny contributed to the American Dental Association Center for Professional Success Executive Certificate Program with the University of Notre Dame as a Faculty Presenter. She was appointed by the ADA Board of Trustees as an ADA Consultant to the Council on Dental Practice for 2014-2015. In addition, Ginny’s podcasts on HR Best Practices are available on the Academy of General Dentistry (AGD) website. Ginny’s articles can be seen in the ADA digital magazine Dental Practice Success. She also authors the HR411 column in the Progressive Dentist Magazine.

Ginny also lectured at the Kornberg School of Dentistry at Temple University in Philadelphia as part of the Practice Management Program. Her book Powerful Practice: Stop Kissing Frogs: How to Find, Manage & Keep the Best People is available at

While Ginny is grateful to work with clients in over 40 states, Canada, and the UK, she and her family are loyal Phillies, Eagles and Flyers fans and call the Philadelphia area home.Reach Ginny at 610-873-8404 or