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Is your dental practice as profitable as it could be? Do your patients rave about your customer service and consistently recommend you to friends? With the expert guidance of Ginny Hegarty, you can take your practice to new heights. Our customized strategies and creative training programs will engage your team, clarify your vision, and drive your practice toward increased profits and reduced stress.

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The practices that achieve and exceed their desired results in highly competitive business climate are the ones that attract, develop and retain the best people. Ginny Hegarty has over 25 years experience in practice development Dentists & team members alike remark on her exceptional ability to bring out the best in the team and help them break through the status quo, to achieve more and better than they believed possible.

"Ginny Invigorated My Practice, Team, And Bottom-line"

"Ginny Hegarty is truly a master communicator with a passion. I cannot say enough about her and the compelling message that she delivered to our Augusta, Georgia dental community. We continue to get great responses from the attendees on how much she impacted them. I can say this by far, Ginny is one of the best speakers we have had for our annual event. She was able to engage and capture the attention of the audience in fun filled atmosphere. “The Best Is Yet To Come.”, is a much-needed message in times as this. Ginny’s refreshingly positive approach to coaching my team has also invigorated my practice, my team and my bottom-line.” - Dr. Emmanuel Ngoh, Augusta Endodontic Center

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"The Best Advice I've Ever Received

"Ginny Is A Dentist's Best Friend"

"Ginny Hegarty is a true professional who can quickly take a dental team to a much higher level of effectiveness. Ginny helps inject passion and purpose into a dental team. As an owner, I’ve seen first hand how Ginny’s workshops and coaching can unite and motivate a team. As a speaker, she is relevant and insightful. As a consultant, she delivers! Dentists often have a hard time invigorating and engaging their teams. Ginny is a breath of fresh air and has tons of experience with taking dental teams to a new level of performance and passion. She’s a dentist’s best friend!“ – Dr. Ryan Swain, Founder & CEO Six Month Smiles

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    The EEOC reports that Labor Law Claims have risen over 29% in the past two years. Ignore this growing hazard at your own risk... See what clients are saying about Ginny's simple solution that will give you back your peace of mind...