Zero Moment of Truth at SCN, The Speaking Consulting Network

Rita Zamora presents at the Speaking Consulting Network Conference 2012
Social Media Authority Rita Zamora


I want to congratulate Lois Banta, CEO of the Speaking Consulting Network (SCN) and her team for a power-packed conference in Charleston last week. Hall of Fame Speakers Lou Heckler & Dr. Alan Zimmerman spoke on powerful, personal vision. Mark LeBlanc inspired us with his vision for success. My favorite quote from Mark “Never underestimate the power of a simple step repeated.” Gary Zelesky promised “explosive energy”and boy, did he deliver! His passion and his compassion were unforgettable. Social media authority, Rita Zamora‘s powerful presentation on day 1 was referenced by virtually every speaker who followed her. “As Rita said..” became a ‘need-to-know’ reference. Dentistry’s elegant Lioness, Katherine Eitel, SCN Founder, Linda Miles, along with two speaker challenge programs and member presentations rounded out an impressive two-day event.

Top 10 List of Employee Engagement Factors

GinnyHegarty, SPHR Dental Consultant HR Expert

People First!


I’m heading out to The Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies to present programs on Employee Engagement, Breakthrough Communication and Emotional Intelligence. As a dental consultant, I advise my doctors that their team is their best competitive advantage, and investing in training that improves communication and focuses on personal development is a wise investment in the future success of the business. Systems alone do not create success – People do!  Bent Ericksen & Associates recently shared Manpower’s Top 10 List of Employee Engagement Factors gathered by asking this question:  What’s the absolute #1 most important employee engagement factor?

The Top Ten Engagement Factors from the Survey are:

1. Communication (35%)
2. Immediate Manager (14%)
3. Valuing Employees (12%)
4. Trust (10%)
5. Culture (9%)
6. Satisfaction (8%)
7. Empowerment (5%)
8. Recognition (2%)
9. Development (2%)
10. Pay (1%)