Prune: the verb, not the noun

A thought-provoking excerpt from one of my favorite books 212 the extra degree by s.l. parker

When did you last evaluate the tasks you do every day against what’s most important to you?
When did you last evaluate them against who’s most important to you?

You have goals.

You have time.

You have energy.

Where should it be invested? Dental Practice Development Inc.

10 More Minutes

Are you one to hit the snooze button in the morning to capture just 10 more minutes of sleep? In 212 the extra degree, author s.l. parker challenges snooze addicts to set their alarms for 10 minutes earlier than usual. You still have the satisfaction of having hit the snooze and then the pillow .. but when you get up, you’ll have added 10 minutes to your day. Clever way to have your snooze and more time in your day.