EEOC* statistics reported

Here’s an impact of the economic slowdown that you might not have considered:

Discrimination claims filed with the EEOC jumped 15 percent in fiscal 2008. Sexual harassment claims jumped 29 percent. The EEOC expects 2009 stats to be higher. Don’t be part of the statistics; get your policies in place now. Contact me about the Bent Ericksen HR Director. We make easy work of getting compliant and gaining peace of mind.

*Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

What are you focusing on?

The annual ADMC (Academy of Dental Management Consultants) ( meeting is always a must-see event. This year was no different, especially with the location being in Waikiki, Hawaii. This is one of the few meetings that is designed by and for dental consultants and the collective brain trust in attendance is amazing!

Dr. Jerry Teplitz, a PHD in Behavioral Kinesiology demonstrated the physical manifestation of negative focus for the group. If you have ever doubted the notion that your thoughts beget your actions and your results, check out Dr. Teplitz’ website and see a snipet of his presentation This should spark a great team discussion.