Pop A Stress Bubble

The biggest irony in the hiring and recruitment process is that just when you are understaffed you have more work than ever to do. Don’t wait until you need to hire to start preparing. Start right now and you’ll reap the rewards and lower your stress too.

Create ads and telephone screening guides for each position in the practice that allow you to attract and quickly sort through the resumes you receive to choose the best potential candidates to invite into the office. Prepare behaviorally based in-person interview guides that will spotlight the candidate who will be the best fit for your practice.

Check out our Resources for Managing People Well at www.ginnyhegarty.com A hiring system along with interview and training guides are all ready to go.

Our client, Dr. Bill Linger had this to say “Don’t hire or train another employee without these guides! We’re blown away by how this system has transformed the way we choose and train new employees. With this approach you can immediately separate the winners from the pretenders. We’re saving time, we’re making better hiring decisions and there’s no more baptism by fire for our new hires. This system is terrific.”

Set a Top-of-Mind Focus

Do you have a philosophy of care that encourages all patients to stay active with their preventive care? If so, engage your team to bring this focus to life. Set a guideline that the team will check the hygiene status of every patient who calls the practice and encourage all callers who are overdue to schedule their preventive visit. Do this with every caller, every time. View the hygiene status of family members for increased impact. Take it one step further and ask all new patients “Are there any family members I can schedule appointments for today?” If you don’t ask, the answer is always no