How to Get the Most from Your People

Check out my feature article in the August issue of Dental Practice Report titled What Corporate America Can Teach Dentistry. The side bar – How to Get the Most from Your People – (page 14) is generating a lot of very positive feedback.

Doctors have been embracing our message that it’s not only fair but it’s good business to evaluate team members based on their performance. if you reward average performance you’ll be rewarded with an average practice. Create a culture of accountability that rewards high performers and you will build a winning team. You’ll also de-stress and start to enjoy your days more too – that’s a win/win if ever there was one.

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Well, here goes… Inspired by my colleagues and mentors who are already blogging, I’m launching today. Like all new projects, I start this one with great hopes and plans that this will prove to be a worthwhile forum for sharing ideas, discussing hot topics and hopefully shortening our learning curves as we navigate through both practice development and life.

For any of you considering a new website or updating a current website, I recommend that you check out Their website is a treasure trove of sites that will help you create a vision for your own site and their personal attention and commitment to service is incredible.